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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

When I (Meghan) was younger, my brother and I used to watch Penn State football with my parents. We used to always watch the Rose Bowl (obviously more closely when PSU went). It was like this untouchable just out of reach oasis. I used to look at it and dream of visiting it and walking up to it, sitting in a seat in the stadium. We watched the Rose Bowl parade every year, gawking at the thousands upon thousands of flowers that were used to construct such intricate and amazing floats.

When I was 19, I met Andrew in Costa Rica.

When I was 26, I started dating Andrew. When I was 26.5 Andrew took me to California, where his parents still live in La Canada.. about 20 minutes from Pasadena. Andrew drove me down the road with the painted pink stripe which marks the Rose Bowl Parade route. He drove me to the Rose Bowl. Who is this strange being that grew up THIS CLOSE to the Rose Bowl? Unheard of. For New Years that year, we sat in the stands at the start of the Rose Bowl Parade. We saw every float… about 10 yards away from us. We got to walk up next to and reach out and touch the floats. Then, dream of all dreams, there I was… sitting in the stands, watching the Rose Bowl game with Andrew and his parents. It was a complete dream come true. 

Now, almost three years later, here I was standing in the cold with Andrew in the pitch dark, a few 100 yards from the Rose Bowl, getting warmed up to run a half marathon. Andrew’s first half marathon. My first “not within driving distance” half marathon. what has happened to my life? It. is. awesome.

Haha, no really! We had an absolutely wonderful time. The route was gorgeous and I still sitting here typing this post can’t believe that I was running from the Rose Bowl, down the parade route, past Caltech (where one of my college friends cheered us on- thanks, Mike!), and back around through Old Town Pasadena, over a historical bridge, past palm trees, and around the Rose Bowl once more to the finish line. I loved every second of it and I wouldn’t have rather done it with anyone else. Andrew grabbed my hand at the 13 mile mark. We ran the last 0.1 miles together, holding hands, and crossed the finish line. I am gushing with pride right now. I could not be prouder of Andrew. He was amazing. On to the next one!!!

(Oh and it did help that we got to see Teddy from Grey’s Anatomy too– I mean come on! I love California!)

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Love the Run You’re With 5K

A few weeks ago, we signed up for the first of Pacers’ Running Race Season; the Love the Run You’re with 5K. Our goal was to finish. As you are aware we’ve been training to run and bike other races, so we figured we could probably handle a 5K (3.1 miles for you non-k speakers). The course, which was rather boring, took runners down Joyce Street and up Army Navy Drive before busting a u-ey and heading back the way we came. Quick. Dirty. Up and Back. It wasn’t beautiful, it wasn’t especially challenging, although there were a bunch of hills (and one at the start that sucked). We were ready. We got up to 5 miles on our new half marathon training plan, so we knew we could do it.

The race was on Sunday. We moved Saturday (to the cute little house we blogged about last). So, we were exhausted, but still excited. We went to bed early (thanks to the moving). When we got up this morning wouldn’t you guess– SNOW on the ground! After all the crappy so-called winter weather we’ve been having (aka NONE and 60s), it snowed. And it was about 25 degrees out. We gritted our teeth, got dressed, and headed on over to the start. I would say just about all of the 1500 or so folks signed up still showed up but they were crammed into shops all over Pentagon Row. It was here where I digress; I love, absolutely LOVE races. How many other events can you see so many people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, come together at the “butt crack of dawn” in the freezing cold to run 3.1 miles on a street with 1500 people they don’t know? It’s truly awesome.

Well, we got in our run and had a great time- even ran the last 0.1 miles holding hands and sprinting (you should try it sometime it’s really fun)! We got our commemorative blankets, we met up with our friends Rachel and Jason, and we headed over to Champs for our free beer (yes before 10AM) and some delicious brunch. It was all accompanied by a DJ and karaoke folks at the after party. A few girls even sang Whitney Houston songs… too soon?

We are now trying to unpack and repack and get pumped for next week’s half marathon in Pasadena, CA! Here we goooooooo 2012!

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A Weekend of Champions

This past weekend was a big success on many accounts. First and foremost, we went on our longest run to date! While Andrew’s arches were bugging him, he still got in a decent run before having to end early :0(. I got in a definitely personal record- 6.02 miles! I ran it in my sneakers mostly to see if it was easier to wear sneakers now that I’ve been wearing the five fingers. What I found out was that no, sneakers are more uncomfortable- something that I now have a blister to show for. Needless to say, I’ll be going back to running in my five fingers ASAP.

The other great news is that we signed a lease for our first HOUSE! At right is a picture of the front. It’s located in Old Town and has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a walk out finished basement with washer/dryer, hardwood floors, and a backyard/patio. It’s a little more expensive than our current apartment, but we think it’s definitely worth it! So, we spent part of this weekend at the house taking measurements and pictures and part of the weekend cleaning and packing up our apartment and trying to get it ready to show to potential subletters. We had a few bites and are waiting to hear back!

We will be moving in just two weeks, which is crazy and exciting all at the same time. More to come!

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Money for Miles

About a week or so ago, Andrew and I decided to start a money for miles project. The general idea is you agree on a certain amount of dollars to put into an account for each mile ran/jogged/biked/walked/etc. This money that we save up will go into a savings account and someday we’ll plan on doing something nice with it!

We’ll be paying the following:

$1 per mile biking or walking
$2 per mile running or jogging

January Totals 1/1/2012-1/18/2012
Total miles biking: 104.64
Total miles running: 23.78
Total amount saved up: 104.64+47.56 = $152.20

Not too bad, eh?

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Climate/Half Marathon Training- Work Outs #7- #11

Ah yes, work outs #7-#11. As we blogged in our last work out update, we headed to Dallas for the weekend so we weren’t sure how our training would fit in. Well, now that we’re back, I’ll tell you: it fit perfectly.

Friday morning, Andrew let me go to the gym while he stayed home and straightened up (best boyfriend ever). Our long ride for this week was 15 miles and I was determined to get it done before Dallas. It was so hard for some reason! The past few work outs have been tough to get started but eased up as I fell into a pattern– this work out was not like that. It was rough and I was sore and pushing myself throughout the entire ride- perhaps because I went to the gym later than normal? Who knows, regardless, I finished my 15 miler on rolling hills at greater than 12mph so I was happy.

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings, we got up early to work out in the gym before family festivities. On Saturday morning we got in 2 miles and on Sunday morning, Andrew completed another 2 miles and I ran 3.1! My first 5K in about 8 months. It felt fantastic. I couldn’t have been happier.

Monday we were back in town so we biked to the grocery store, picked up some essentials, and biked back– it was only a little over 4 miles total but I’ll tell you what, we need to start training outdoors and on real bikes- SUCH a difference.

Tuesday, Andrew ran about a mile and half and I ran about two miles. And we did it in our new vibram five fingers! It felt great!

And there you go! Work outs #7 – #11!

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