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Love the Run You’re With 5K

A few weeks ago, we signed up for the first of Pacers’ Running Race Season; the Love the Run You’re with 5K. Our goal was to finish. As you are aware we’ve been training to run and bike other races, so we figured we could probably handle a 5K (3.1 miles for you non-k speakers). The course, which was rather boring, took runners down Joyce Street and up Army Navy Drive before busting a u-ey and heading back the way we came. Quick. Dirty. Up and Back. It wasn’t beautiful, it wasn’t especially challenging, although there were a bunch of hills (and one at the start that sucked). We were ready. We got up to 5 miles on our new half marathon training plan, so we knew we could do it.

The race was on Sunday. We moved Saturday (to the cute little house we blogged about last). So, we were exhausted, but still excited. We went to bed early (thanks to the moving). When we got up this morning wouldn’t you guess– SNOW on the ground! After all the crappy so-called winter weather we’ve been having (aka NONE and 60s), it snowed. And it was about 25 degrees out. We gritted our teeth, got dressed, and headed on over to the start. I would say just about all of the 1500 or so folks signed up still showed up but they were crammed into shops all over Pentagon Row. It was here where I digress; I love, absolutely LOVE races. How many other events can you see so many people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, come together at the “butt crack of dawn” in the freezing cold to run 3.1 miles on a street with 1500 people they don’t know? It’s truly awesome.

Well, we got in our run and had a great time- even ran the last 0.1 miles holding hands and sprinting (you should try it sometime it’s really fun)! We got our commemorative blankets, we met up with our friends Rachel and Jason, and we headed over to Champs for our free beer (yes before 10AM) and some delicious brunch. It was all accompanied by a DJ and karaoke folks at the after party. A few girls even sang Whitney Houston songs… too soon?

We are now trying to unpack and repack and get pumped for next week’s half marathon in Pasadena, CA! Here we goooooooo 2012!

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