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Pura Dajuma: Mention of Illegal Sea Turtle Harvesting

As described in our post on the first day of the trip, things didn’t go exactly as we had planned; namely, biking around Bali appeared to be perhaps, not the best choice. So, we decided after arriving at Pura Dajuma [our destination for the second night], that we would spend an additional evening there so we could regroup and figure out our plans for the remainder of the trip. This extra evening, unfortunately, meant that we would skip out on the far northwest Bali trip we had planned, but we decided it was for the best and that we’d keep that on the “to do” list for our next trip to Bali. The map below shows the travel route from our first night to our second night [Legong Keraton Beach Resort on night #1].
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.12.55 PM

Because we had another night at Pura Dajuma, we decided to simply check out the plot of land that we were on— it was naturally located down a dirt, bumpy secondary road… getting back up to the main road would require a chunk of time to walk or a taxi… we opted to check out the coastline and we are really glad we did. The day turned out to be a relaxing one and we saw a lot of cool sea life. Of course, the day also included us watching two young boys who walked down the beach to a box looking object in the water. They opened it up and one of the boys grabbed what was inside and threw it over his shoulder. We took a lot of pictures since we couldn’t see exactly what it was… after we reviewed the pictures at home… sure enough, it was a sea turtle. Further googling online also revealed that the killing of green sea turtles is illegal. We do not know if the turtle we saw was a green or other type, nor do we know the in-depth policies of sea turtle catching and killing in Indonesia. We do, however, know that Indonesians prefer to eat green sea turtles and that in recent months there has been a push to stop eating and killing of green sea turtles. Obviously, there was nothing we could really do, especially after the fact. I would, however, have liked to have a conversation with those boys to get a better understanding of what they were doing with it, why, etc… Naturally, I [Meghan], love sea turtles, am an environmentalist, and an avid animal lover. I also would like to uphold regulations such as not allowing green sea turtle harvesting. However, I also recognize that every person’s story is different. Part of the reason I enjoy traveling to different places around the world is that things like what we saw today make me stop and think. Is there a deeper reason other than “they just want money” for breaking a law? Perhaps they don’t have enough money to eat and this turtle will feed a family of four for many days. Perhaps selling the turtle will make a better life with less poverty. Perhaps, they just hate sea turtles. I want to be clear- I’m not okay with breaking the law, especially when it involves animals… I’m just saying that I would have liked to have the other side of the picture and the story to go with it.

Below are some pictures of the crazy things we saw during our day…

IMG_6633 IMG_6659 IMG_6677 IMG_6680 IMG_6709 IMG_6712 IMG_6739 IMG_6744 IMG_6776 IMG_6777 IMG_6778 IMG_6780 IMG_6790 IMG_6801 IMG_6806 IMG_6828 IMG_6901 IMG_6937 IMG_6941 IMG_6948

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