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Trip to the UK: Day#4 Exmoor National Park, Wales, and Lake District

We woke up around 5AM, got dressed, grabbed our backpacks, and headed out the door to jump on a hike that I had found while researching cool things to do in England.

It was still dark as sunrise was scheduled to be around 6:30AM. We hiked up a small incline and along the river for about a mile or so not able to see too much as we were in the woods and there was no light- we used a flashlight (very helpful for my poor vision). After a mile we started to head uphill and the trail became fairly steep. At this point our talking ceased and we just trudged along being careful not to get to near the edge of the trail (or risk falling very far). As I approached the top, I turned the bend and just stopped completely breathless. I yelled back to Andrew, it’ll change your life and I promise it was worth it. There it was, the sun, just starting to rise down the coast of the cliffs we were atop. To our left, a bunch of rocks and about 5 or so sheep just hanging out enjoying the morning air. We must have spent an hour maybe more on those rocks taking pictures of the sun, of ourselves, of the sheep, of the coastline… it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Here are some pictures to give you an idea:

When we had our fill of sunrise and cliffs, we continued on down the trail and walked along the edge for sometime before cutting into some twisty old oak trees- just beautiful and different from the beginning of our hike. We also hiked around a bend to a waterfall, the sources that I had found online said it was about 500 meters and went all the way to the ocean and apparently is one of the longest in England. It was beautiful. We continued on our hike until it dead-ended at a road which we walked up and continued on attempting to re-find the trail. We did get ourselves a bit lost but ended up walking on a bit of another trail and through some pastures (it seems as though all pastures regardless of who owns them are fair game for hiking as many of the other trails we saw go across the pastures). Anyway, we eventually ended up back at The Hunter’s Inn. What an amazing hike. The name of it was Cherryford Hill and it started right next to The Hunter’s Inn. Our trip ended up being about 6 miles. There are two really good links for this hike here and here. Here are a few more pics from the hike:

When we got back to the Inn, we had just missed breakfast but hadn’t planned on eating there since we had to hit the road for a pretty far drive to the Lake District. On our drive, we made sure to make a fairly quick stopover in Wales because, what the heck, we were there, so we mine as well. It looked just like England as you might expect… we plan to go back sometime to check out Snowdonia which is supposed to beautiful (located in the northwest part of the country). On our way to the Lake District, we made a stop off at a snack truck set up in a parking lot. Andrew ordered a breakfast sandwich and I ordered a hot dog. The breakfast sandwich came on about 1/2 of a long fresh baguette. It had two fried eggs, three fat sausage links, and some cheese on it. My “hot dog” was a fat sausage link grilled and placed on a hot dog bun with some grilled onions and ketchup. It was delicious. We again found ourselves running short on time, so after giving a call to our lodging place to let them know that we’d miss the check in time, we stopped off at a store at one of the rest stops and picked up a bag of salad greens, some grilled sliced chicken, some pretzels, and some fresh veggies..and some juices. Here are some pictures from our drive:


We arrived at our lodging for the night- Great Langdon Campsite in the Lake District of England. We had opted to stay in the ecopods because we didn’t want to lug our tent to England. We found the key to our ecopod (Crinkle Crags) taped to the door of the office. The ecopod is sort of like a cabin but it is only big enough to sleep in— hard wood with a small window in the back for ventilation and two front glass doors with a blind to pull down to keep the sun out in the morning. Here’s a picture:

There was also tent camping which appeared to be allowed anywhere in a series of large fields. There were quite a few campers there when we got there. Our ecopod didn’t have electricity so we ate by flashlight and then snuggled into our sleeping bags for the night. All in all another fantastically wonderful day.

If you are interested in Great Langdale Campsite– it is near to Grasmere (known for it’s Gingerbread). Information about the site can be found on the National Trust UK website. To get an idea of what the ecopods look like check out this picture.

Final Destination: Great Langdale Campsite, Ambleside, Lake District:

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