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Restaurant Review: Sticky Rice

Two of our friends (Sarg and Logan) are headed to Europe for 18 days beginning Monday, so we wanted to make sure we could get together and catch up before they head off on Euro Trip 2 and we never see or hear from them again! So, we decided to go to H Street in DC because it’s close to Andrew’s work (Union Station) and the rest of us (somehow) didn’t have to work today (Friday)! We couldn’t settle on a place to go and it was a Friday so we were worried about crowds and what not… one way or another, we ended up at Sticky Rice (thanks, Logan)! Sticky Rice is located at 1224 H Street NE. Washington, DC. If you drag the below map a bit to the right you will see Union Station pop up on the left-side. It was only about a mile walk. If you are not done with walking, there are also a number of buses that run down H Street. You can use WMATA’s Trip Planner or Google Maps to find buses/metros and times (in Google Maps you can also select the arrival or departure time and/or date to make it more accurate).

If you do end up walking be sure to watch out for the sidewalks that are under construction (especially now because of the street car project). There are pretty solid sidewalks on the far side of H Street if you’re coming from Union Station. Anyway, on to the food…

We had made a reservation for 6:30PM and showed up around 6:15PM or so. The place was pretty empty but looked like a great laid back atmosphere. The guy up in front opened the door for us and asked us if we wanted to sit inside or on the deck. Hey, it’s summer and it’s DC and who doesn’t love eating outdoors?! He took us upstairs and past a few tables to the back door. Outside was a cute little deck with a bunch of tables, a nice shaded overhang, a giant tree hanging over a portion of the deck, and some really cool string lights and lanterns. Like I said, sweet atmosphere.

photo 4


photo 5


photo 2

We were promptly brought water and asked for our drink orders. They have happy hour specific specials that are served at the bar only, but they also have happy hour specials in the restaurant ($1 of all beers, discount on mixed drinks, other assorted deals) that ran until 7PM. So, we ordered sake flights (because why not?) and we found out that the bartender just chooses the sakes that you’ll get to try (but you can make requests). Love it. Great idea. We also ordered beers because it was happy hour (and why not). The menu has loads of options from sushi and sashimi to asian bowls to sandwiches to the famous sticky balls themselves. On top of that, they have a TON of vegetarian options- so herbivores need not worry about having options. I myself am not a huge seafood fan and I think I ended up eating more than the rest of the crew!

photo 3

Something that is really cool about this place is that in addition to their plethora of asian dishes and plates, they also have tater tots. I mean, come on. Can you say best restaurant ever?! On the night we went they had both regular and sweet potato tots- we opted for sweet potato tots and they came with two dips- one that tasted like a spicy ranch and one that tasted like a spiffy mustard. Both awesome. We then of course, had to try the sticky balls. We got one order of the “sticky balls” and one order of the “veggie balls”. So what are they?

Sticky Balls: Tuna, crab, sriracha rice in an inari pocket deep fried topped w/scallions, wasabi dressing and eel sauce

Garden Balls: Shiitake mushrooms, red pepper, cilantro and spicy rice in an inari pocket then tempura fried and
drizzled with eel sauce

Trust me. Try the balls. You will never go back. While I didn’t have the regular “sticky balls” because I don’t eat seafood, I can still vouch for them- we ended up getting seconds. On both balls. And I know what you’re thinking- what about the eel sauce? I actually did some research online and found out that most eel sauce is just soy sauce, sugar, and mirin. Sometimes it is made by simmering eel bones in the process– but I’m assuming since the Garden Balls were marked “Vegan” on the menu that they didn’t use that kind on the balls. Either way, no trace of eel flavor. Just pure heaven. Spicy and rice-y and just amazeBALLS.

We also ordered some other dishes:

Free Luggage: This was a special roll that isn’t on their normal menu. I can’t remember everything that was in it but there was fish roe and rice and avocado and it was gone in 30 seconds.

Godzirra: GIANT roll that has jumbo crunchy shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, spicy sauce, cucumbers, tempura crunchies, and tobiko. It was ginormous but still disappeared quickly

Southroll: A vegetarian roll that had tempura sweet potato and honey in it. It was awesome and delicious and gone in 20 seconds.

Some Type of Sashimi: I don’t remember the name of the last sashimi that Sarg ordered but it was gone as quick as it came so I’m sure it was fantastic :0)

After we ate all this food, we sat there longer, had another beer and then decided that we would order MORE food. We got another order of both balls and another order of sweet potato tater tots. This was about 2.5 hours in… about 3 hours in, one of the guys working, I’m guessing Manager, came over and offered a free round of beers for hanging out so long. Yes please. Such awsomely nice people at this restaurant (and not just because of the free beer!)

It was great to relax and just talk and catch up and not feel the pressure to get in and get out because we need to serve more customers vibe. If you want a truly enjoyable and delicious meal, I highly recommend Sticky Rice. Worth the trip and you definitely won’t regret it!

Want to see the menu? Check it out here.

Want to make a reservation? You can do so on Open Table.

Want more info on Sticky Rice? Check out their Website.

photo 1

Garden Balls front right; Stick Balls back left. Sushi and Sashimi back left. Sweet potato tots front right.

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CSA is A-Coming!

Yes, it’s been a really long time since we’ve posted. As Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption put it, “it seems the world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.” Needless to say, we’ve been busy.  A lot has been going on and we’ll work to update the blog accordingly.

Today’s post is to celebrate that our CSA starts this week! This is our third year with the Clagget Farm CSA in Upper Marlboro, MD and we couldn’t be happier. Each week we get a set list of fresh veggies and fruits. There’s always at least one thing on the “You pick” list in case you want to pick extra and there’s a huge herb garden which you’re welcome to every week. Finally, you can pick any flowers on the farm. It’s awesome; We can’t wait for it to start and we’ve been scouring the farm blog and facebook page to find out details and see pictures of what’s been growing.

This past weekend we were out running errands and we got an email note saying that they had decided to put their strawberries on the you pick list for Saturday and Sunday only. Of course we drove straight out there! It was great to be back on the farm and we were the only ones picking when we arrived. We stayed about 30mins and left with a basket full of strawberries. When we got home we washed, capped, and weighed them… 3.75lbs!?! Awesome! Some of the first batch went towards strawberry margaritas (no mix here; we used strawberries, ice, lemon juice, tequila, and agave nectar). We left some in the fridge to snack on and froze the rest so we’d have them later on in the year. YUM!

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Love the Run You’re With 5K

A few weeks ago, we signed up for the first of Pacers’ Running Race Season; the Love the Run You’re with 5K. Our goal was to finish. As you are aware we’ve been training to run and bike other races, so we figured we could probably handle a 5K (3.1 miles for you non-k speakers). The course, which was rather boring, took runners down Joyce Street and up Army Navy Drive before busting a u-ey and heading back the way we came. Quick. Dirty. Up and Back. It wasn’t beautiful, it wasn’t especially challenging, although there were a bunch of hills (and one at the start that sucked). We were ready. We got up to 5 miles on our new half marathon training plan, so we knew we could do it.

The race was on Sunday. We moved Saturday (to the cute little house we blogged about last). So, we were exhausted, but still excited. We went to bed early (thanks to the moving). When we got up this morning wouldn’t you guess– SNOW on the ground! After all the crappy so-called winter weather we’ve been having (aka NONE and 60s), it snowed. And it was about 25 degrees out. We gritted our teeth, got dressed, and headed on over to the start. I would say just about all of the 1500 or so folks signed up still showed up but they were crammed into shops all over Pentagon Row. It was here where I digress; I love, absolutely LOVE races. How many other events can you see so many people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, come together at the “butt crack of dawn” in the freezing cold to run 3.1 miles on a street with 1500 people they don’t know? It’s truly awesome.

Well, we got in our run and had a great time- even ran the last 0.1 miles holding hands and sprinting (you should try it sometime it’s really fun)! We got our commemorative blankets, we met up with our friends Rachel and Jason, and we headed over to Champs for our free beer (yes before 10AM) and some delicious brunch. It was all accompanied by a DJ and karaoke folks at the after party. A few girls even sang Whitney Houston songs… too soon?

We are now trying to unpack and repack and get pumped for next week’s half marathon in Pasadena, CA! Here we goooooooo 2012!

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A Weekend of Champions

This past weekend was a big success on many accounts. First and foremost, we went on our longest run to date! While Andrew’s arches were bugging him, he still got in a decent run before having to end early :0(. I got in a definitely personal record- 6.02 miles! I ran it in my sneakers mostly to see if it was easier to wear sneakers now that I’ve been wearing the five fingers. What I found out was that no, sneakers are more uncomfortable- something that I now have a blister to show for. Needless to say, I’ll be going back to running in my five fingers ASAP.

The other great news is that we signed a lease for our first HOUSE! At right is a picture of the front. It’s located in Old Town and has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a walk out finished basement with washer/dryer, hardwood floors, and a backyard/patio. It’s a little more expensive than our current apartment, but we think it’s definitely worth it! So, we spent part of this weekend at the house taking measurements and pictures and part of the weekend cleaning and packing up our apartment and trying to get it ready to show to potential subletters. We had a few bites and are waiting to hear back!

We will be moving in just two weeks, which is crazy and exciting all at the same time. More to come!

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Pork Barrel BBQ

Pork Barrel BBQ. Del Ray, VA

Yesterday, we went to Pork Barrel BBQ for dinner with two of Andrew’s friends, Josh and Dani. Pork Barrel BBQ was one of the restaurants on our 2012 Restaurant Bucket List! It was delicious. In the image at right you will see all the food that we purchased for the four of us. The total came to $53 and it included: 1lb. pulled pork, 1lb. brisket, 1/2 rack of ribs, two sides of mac n’ cheese, one side of collard greens, and one side of Texas caviar (white bread was free). For those of you who don’t know, Texas caviar is a black eyed pea salsa-esque dish– it has onions and peppers and spices in it. Absolutely scrumptious!

You order the meal at the register, sort of cafeteria style. You wait for your number to be called and pick up your tray of dishes. Along with that, you can order sodas or non-alcoholic drinks. Any beers, wines, or cocktails get ordered at the bar. The strangest part of the meal? There are no plates. You simply get a piece of butcher paper to put down on the table and you fork your food onto to it to eat off of…  Each table also has there 3 house made sauces- a mustard bbq, an original bbq, and a sweet bbq. Meghan thought the sweet bbq was the tastiest.

Pros: great microbrew selection and cool pole-style tap; not crowded, local and tasty grub

Cons: the brisket was pretty fatty ( but Meghan is also not a brisket fan to begin with)

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