A Long Day at LAX

Good Evening Fellow Travelers and Adventure Enthusiasts:

This morning, I bed adieu to my pup, grabbed my backpack, turned out the lights, and trudged to the Metro. My flight from DC to LAX left at 9:00AM. We picked up some time on the flight [there was an empty seat next to me!] and landed at about 10:40AM. I flew on Alaska Airlines; they actually give you a little baggie of snack mix [banana chips and honey sesame crackers]. Delicious! 

So, you may be thinking… but Meghan, how are you typing this email? Clearly you should be somewhere over the ocean on your way to Sydney! Well my weary travelers, my flight to Sydney does not depart until 10:40PM. So, I had a good 12 hours in LAX. The up-side of this very long and relaxing[?] layover is that I had a chance to get some work done… work that I needed to tie up for my job and school work, since my last[!] semester of grad school just started.

I also had a chance to check in with my parents and have a nice Google Hangout with Andrew when he woke up for work today in his Bogor, Indonesia hotel. It’s hard to believe that I haven’t seen him in person in over two weeks! I’m telling you, technology is amazing. We have been able to video chat every day that he has been gone and it has made all the difference in the world!

Anyway, just wanted to update you all on my whereabouts. I’m hanging out in Terminal 7, next to Gate 57, so if you’re around, come on over and say hello! Only 2.5 hours until boarding time. I am ready and raring to get my snooze on in those jumbo, comfy, relaxing plane seats ;).

Talk to you from Australia! 

PS- house sitters, thanks for taking care of our pup while we’re gone!

~~ Oh the places you’ll go!~~

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Down by the Water

I’m finding that I’m blogging more and more about Old Town, Alexandria lately. I really love it; it’s a great place to be when you work in the city but are not a city person. Great neighborhoods, tasty food, friendly people, LOTS of dogs, parks and other green spaces, water, reliable transportation… and high rents. Ok, so maybe the last point isn’t a “quality” per se, but Old Town is still an awesome place to live.

This morning, I got up and went for a jog/walk near our house. This brings me to yet another reason why I love Old Town. We are less than a mile from the water.. now, granted it’s the Potomac River and some may argue that it’s more of a ditch of toxic sludge than an actual waterway, but still… you can boat on it, you can fish on it (although I wouldn’t eat the fish… partly because I don’t like seafood), and for triathlons, they allow folks to swim in it (there’s even been a movement to raise the ban on swimming in the Potomac for the purposes of triathlon training— but that’s for another blog post). Regardless where there is water, there are pretty views.

Sometime I’m going to take my good camera down to the park right on the water and take some pictures- it’s absolutely gorgeous down there, especially now that they’ve done some revamping and fixed the Mt Vernon Bike path, put in some benches, and gravel walk-ways, put up some signage, etc…there are even boat docks down there now! Anyway, back to the point of the post. When I finished my jog, it was perfect timing to arrive at the walkway that goes along the waterfront of Old Town. And it was right around sunrise. So, I took some pictures… again, they’re taken with my 3G old Iphone, so they don’t quite give it justice, but they’ll have to satiate your palate for today! Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

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Art Classes

Andrew and I are getting into the arts; Different arts, but arts, none-the-less. Andrew is currently taking a conceptual design course at The Art League in Alexandria, VA.

To be fair, Andrew is in more of “class” than I am. He has a ‘semester’ of classes once a week for 2.5 hours. So far he’s worked on drawing amoebas on different shapes of paper (square, rectangular, and circle) with a set of parameters. The drawings are all in black & white so far. The other assignment he had was to  cut out black squares in different sizes and then depict certain words by arranging four black squares on each “background” (square piece of white paper). They were words like bold and congested. Pretty interesting and he seems to be enjoying it.

In comparison to Andrew’s class, my art class is more… tasty. As in, it involved cookies last week, chocolate cake and peanut butter filling this week, and cupcakes next week. Yum. It’s cake decorating, Course 1. A friend of mine found it at Michael’s and next thing you know, we were both signed up. It’s less intensive than Andrew’s in that we only meet four times. We’ve only had once class so far but it was a lot of fun. We were learning piping stars, shells, and rosettes… while I am by no means amazing or even good at piping these shapes currently, if I practiced, I bet I could be! There are four levels in the cake decorating curriculum… not sure if I’ll take the others, but it is very probable.

So, there you have it.. our artistic sides are coming to surface! Who knows, next time you come over, you may be greeted with an amoeba-decorated cake that resembles the word “Dignity.” Anything is possible.

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