Who are Meghan and Andrew?

Hello! We’re Andrew and Meghan. We recently relocated to Davis in Northern California to attend UC Davis for graduate school. Andrew is doing an MBA and a M.A. in Geography and Meghan is working on her PhD in Geography (studying water quality, extreme events, and nonpoint source pollution). Prior to moving to Davis, we lived in the Washington, DC area for about 5 years. We live with our English Bulldog/Boxer, Franklin and our American Bulldog, Winston (both rescue pups), as well as our two Leopard Geckos, Mac and Cheese.

Our blog, Larking Our Way Through Life, was created to track the fun adventures that we take together during this thing called life. We hope you enjoy our stories and trips as much as we do!

Meet Andrew. Andrew is a native-Californian (although he was born in Wisconsin). Andrew received a BS in Natural Resources from Cornell and a MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia. Prior to returning to school for an MBA and M.A., Andrew worked for the World Resources Institute as a GIS Research Analyst.

Meet Meghan. Meghan is a native-Pennsylvanian. Meghan received a BS in Environmental Science (focus on aquatics) from Dickinson College and a MS in Environmental Planning and Management at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to returning to school for her PhD, Meghan spent 10 years with the Environmental Protection Agency as a Nonpoint Source Control Branch Program Analyst.

eskimo kisse

Meet Franklin. He was adopted from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. He’s an English Bulldog-Boxer mix. He enjoys sleeping, lounging, cuddling, eating cheese, and sleeping more.

Meet Winston. He was also adopted from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. He’s an American Bulldog. He enjoys playing tug o’ war with rope toys, digging squeaks and stuffing out of toys, and slobbering on absolutely everything.



7 thoughts on “Who are Meghan and Andrew?

  1. Thought I accidentally unsubscribed to this blog. Alex’s Field School Blog also uses Word Press.
    I was feeling brave and clicking on things out of curiosity. Whatever I did I apparently cannot undo. :-O

  2. Barbara

    It works! I got this in my gmail.

  3. Hi Meghan and Andrew – still trying to get in touch with you about photo use permission. Would love to include your log cabin picture in a Thrillist story. Please write me Laurahayesdc (at) gmail.com. Thank you!

    • Hi there: I tried to email you but it didn’t go through… you are more than welcome to use the image. Sorry for not getting back sooner; we’re actually traveling in Iceland right now and reception is in and out. Please let me know if you need any additional info from us (larkingourwaythroughlife@gmail.com)!

  4. shamilah

    Please can you tell me which tourist guide did you use for your “Tanjung Puting National Park” 2d/3n trip. The photos and write up look fabulous.

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