Drangsnes Hot Tubs: Drangsnes, Iceland

As I sit on my computer researching National Geographic trips to Antarctica, it dawns on me that I really need to update the blog for all of the trips that we’ve been on… I love writing don’t get me wrong… but, dreaming [sic: drooling] over new adventures and far off places is sooooo much more fun :0). But alas, the next best thing- Hot Tubs that are outdoors, naturally heated, and free. If you haven’t already, check out my post on the Landbrotalaug Hot Pot.

But for today, on to Drangsnes, Iceland and its glorious trio of geothermal hot tubs. First, where is this place? It’s located on the eastern most fjord of the Westfjords region. Yet another reason to get away from Reykjavik. Again, Reykjavik is awesome, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve driven around the Westfjords, slept in a Jeep on the side of the road, lived off baguettes, Icelandic butter, and Brennivin (a vodka-gin taste), and visited Dragsnes. Seriously.

So it’s a good distance from Reykjavik but so so worth it– just for the tubs.

The town of Dragsnes is a thriving metropolis of 67 people (according to the 2011 census and wikipedia). It’s located along a curvy cliff. It’s a sleepy little town with not much else to boast (besides a great view of the water and their tubs). When you enter Drangsnes, you almost immediately see a light post on the left side of the road with the all too familiar sign indicating a public pool or hot tub (a drawing of a person’s head, some waves, and a thermometer if it’s heated).  There are two small white buildings and a little gravel parking area in front of them. Again, we lucked out and there was no one else around when we arrived. We pulled in and read the sign hanging on one of the buildings.

Parking, Showers, Pool Sign in Drangsnes, Iceland

Parking, Showers, Pool Sign in Drangsnes, Iceland

We pulled in and read the sign that was hanging by the hot tubs.

Drangsnes, Iceland Public Hot Tub Sign

Drangsnes, Iceland Public Hot Tub Sign

So, we hopped into the bathroom/shower combos (the two white buildings), took our showers, dawned our suits, and headed across the road to the tubs. There are three of them: three different temperatures. There are benches by them as well as trash cans. It would be an absolutely perfect place to spend the whole day, the whole night, heck, you’re whole life.


Drangsnes Hot Tubs, Iceland


Drangsnes Hot Tubs, Iceland


If you’d like to read more about the tubs, check out Atlas Obscura. I’ve pointed to this site on other posts as well– if you haven’t checked it out, please do. It’s fantastical. It’s made up of a number of off the beaten path/wanky/completely absurd/one-of-a-kind spots all over the world. We’ve found quite a few spots through that site on our travels… every one was worth it for the story :0).

Until next time, stay warm friends.

Drangsnes, Iceland (Pop. 67)

Drangsnes, Iceland (Pop. 67)




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